This Style Guru Fawad Khan is known worldwide because of his attractive personality and talent. After the TV Show Humsafar, Khan became a household name and everyone fell in love with this actor. He was working for long, he was a singer, an actor who was struggling hard to gain acknowledgement and recognition. But Humsafar came out to be a breakthrough for khan and he gained acknowledgement not only in the Pakistan but throughout the world. He received love from throughout the world. This Pakistani super star has done the photo shoots for several most popular brands. Fawad Khan has faced many difficulties in his early career. He started his career and work to earn a good life. Fawad was not a much liked child of the family and Fawad humorously says that he has always been the black sheep of the family. He thinks that he was a big victim of the middle child syndrome.

Fawad Khan belongs to a middle-class family. He was middle child of the family. He says that he had always been a black sheep of his family. Khan has two siblings, one older and a younger sister. His older sister was studying architecture who would attend a hip college. They were allowed to visit old bazaars and work on assignments till 4 am in the morning. But Khan was refused permission if he wanted to go out even on Sunday afternoons. He says that he grew up with a feeling that his parents were partial towards his sisters. Like every middle child of family who thinks that he/she is the most unwanted one, Fawad thought the same. Fawad always felt like an ignored child of the family. On the other hands, he was a very self-motivated and struggling man.

35 years old handsome Fawad Khan celebrates his birthday on 29th November, his birth year is 1981 and his birth place is Karachi. He is a Karachi born but his family basically belongs to Lahore city. Fawad’s father was born in Patiala, Punjab, India. Fawad’s father spend the most and early years of his life living with his family in Dubai, Riyadh and then the family moved to Manchester during the time of the Gulf war. Khan’s father was working in a Pharmaceutical Company’s Sales Department. The Job was of such nature that his father had to move to different countries with family. The whole family moved to and settled in Lahore when Fawad was 12 years old. When they moved to Pakistan, his father got his retirement. It was not his official retirement but had to get this early retirement because of his cardiac condition and doctors’ advice.

Fawad’s age was only 13 when his father got retirement but at the same time, he wanted to start something on his own. Fawad’s mother was a housewife. Seeing the family conditions, Fawad was a very caring child and he wanted to do something for his family and he strived for that since a very young age. Khan married the love of his life, Sadaf on 12th November 2005. They married each other after being in a very strong relationship of around 8 years. Fawad and Sadaf have a son named “Ayaan”, both love him so much, he’s a very pampered child. Fawad had to face difficulties in his early life. But now, he’s living a very smooth and perfect life with his family. He is getting much more appreciation and love by his fans day by day. He is fulfilling all of his responsibilities regarding his personal as well as professional life.

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