Personal Life, Family, Siblings:

Fawad Khan’s father worked in multinational company. Due to nature of his job he has to travel around the world. Fawad has travelled all over the world with his father. He has learned a lot by staying at different countries. He has studied with students of different countries. He was born in Karachi, but spent most of his life in Lahore. His father was from Lahore and his mother belongs to Pakhtoon descendant. His family hails from Patiala in British India. Fawad spent his early four years of his life in Riyadh and then moved to Dubai for three years. Then he moved to Manchester United Kingdom with his family. At the age of 12 he moved back to Lahore. He used to play cricket with his brother Asad. He tells that I used to bat for all day. He remembers his childhood in a way that those were beautiful days. There were no worries at that time. Life’s were very much disciplined as well. We used to play everywhere we want. Fawad misses that time so much. He misses his siblings very much. He adds that as we all are married now, so we met each other after a year or more as we all are busy in our works. Fawad has one brother and sister. They both are residing abroad. Fawad tells about her parents that they have always supported him through every thick and thin. They have never imposed their decisions on me. They have just asked me to work hard whatever career I choose. He further added that my parents have tried their best to feed us in better way. Fawad is married to Sadaf Fawad Khan. Sadaf is his friend from school days. There were many hurdles in between their marriage. As Fawad was a very shy guy, he was very nervous in start to talk to Sadaf. But after their relationship started they had never looked back. Sadafs parent were of view that Fawad should not join media industry as this is not a noble profession. So Fawad has done a job for some time in multinational company as well to satisfy Sadaf’s parents. They are blessed with two daughters and one son. Daughter’s names are Ayaan and Elayaan. Fawad once reveals that whenever he is tired, he just sits with her daughters to overcome his tiredness. Fawad has a craze to sing from his early childhood. He was so lucky to survive a severe accident when he was only 17.He considers himself very lucky as it was a very bad moment of his life. This accident has changed his life in many ways as he has suffered from diabetes after this accident. His pancreas was damaged as well. He remained in hospital for more than two months. It was the toughest time in Fawad’s life. His family and his siblings all have supported him through this time. Fawad travels all around the world for his projects now a days and his life is busy very much.

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