Dressing, Hairstyle, Smartness, Physique:

Fawad Khan is considered as one of the most handsome and an attractive guy of showbiz industry.He has all the cool looks. Most of his admirers are young girls. He has a unique style of dressing. He wears very decent and simple clothes. Young boys follow him as well. He is role model for youngsters as well. He carries himself in a very good way whatever he wears. He has a smart physique. He has never gained weight. He goes to gym regularly and do exercise. He is doing fitness things from his college days. Very less people are known of fact that he is a diabetic patient as well. It was back in 1998, when he was in college. He was travelling with his family from Islamabad to Lahore. Unluckily they met an accident and his pancreas was damaged in this accident. After this he works on his fitness very much. Fawad has also introduced a clothing brand named as “Silk”. Basically his wife Sadaf look after this, as Fawad is busy in his projects. He has to travel all over the world for his commitments. There is also a very big credit to Fawad that he is declared as sexiest men of Asia as well. This is a very big achievement for Fawad as well as for Pakistan. This is due to the way he carries himself. In India he has huge fan following especially in girls, that’s why he is declared as most desired man of Asia by Times of India. Due to his smartness and dressing, he became the first Pakistani to feature on front page of Indian Magazine Film fare. He is very soft spoken person as well. He has won number of awards of awards due to his dressing and the way he carries himself. Fawad weighs 65 Kg which is very good. Fawad explains that fitness is the first thing in my mind and I always have a proper look at my food. I burn calories properly through my fitness work. As he travels a lot, but he has never compromised on fitness, he has never left exercise. Fawad loves to wear Shalwar Qameez, he thinks that we should promote our culture and as Shalwar Qameez is the most comfortable dress to wear. Fawad also loves to wear traditional Charsadda Chappal, which is a special make from Kpk Province Pakistan. Fawad explains fashion in a way that person should look simple as much as he can. Fawad is also considered as one of the best dressed celebrity. His physique is very smart. Fawad has a very simple hairstyle as well. He has black hair. He dyed his hair according to situation or the character he is playing. Fawad has never looked odd as he follows the event he is attending and tries to dress him in proper way. He is an inspiration for all young boys who want to take some dressing sense as there cannot be any good example other than Fawad.

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