Fawad Khan Career:

Fawad Afzal Khan mostly known as Fawad Khan is a Pakistani singer, actor and model. Fawad has started working in media industry at very young age. He is very charming and handsome. He has very good voice as well but he looks very cool and handsome. Most of the young girls in Pakistan and India are his admirers as he has worked in Bollywood as well. He is a very mature actor. He is considered one of the top professionals of media industry due to his work. He is heart rob of millions of people. Basically he belongs to Pukhtoon family, the main reason behind his charming face. He has struggled very hard to make his place in showbiz industry as it was much competition.

As it is a common fact that a person has to work very hard to get fame .Fawad Khan is the best example as he has started his career as a singer with his university fellows. He has faced many hardships through this time as it was never easy for a person to join media. It was considered the profession of bad people. Fawad has never done any below average work even during his struggling career.

Fawad Khan was born to a middle class family based in Lahore. He was born on 29th November 1981 in Karachi. His family basically belongs to Patiala Indian Punjab. They have migrated from there at the time of partition. He has spent his early childhood in different countries as his father was doing job there. He has spent his time in Arab countries during gulf far as well. He has also lived in Manchester. He moved back to Pakistan when he was 12.His father is Punjabi and mother hails from Pakhtun descendant. His parents have always supported him, whatever he has opted to do. They have never asked him to study some specific subject; they have asked him to take good grades whatever he studies. He was a bright student from his early days of school. When he came back to Pakistan at the age of 12; he took admission into one of the well known school of Pakistan, Lahore Grammar School. He has completed his A-Levels from there. He was a good student and always remained in good books of his teachers. After completing his A-Levels from there, he took admission into National University of Computer and Emerging Services. He has done his bachelor’s in Computer Sciences from there. After completing his degree, he has also done a job in software house for some time. When he was in university, he has learnt the art to play guitar and drums. He made band named Entity Paradigm. He remained lead singer of band for more than 5 years. He has also started acting beside his singing career. His first ever performance as an actor was in 1999, when he has acted in a play named Spartacus. He has started working in good projects from 2007 but his first prominent performance was in drama serial “Dastaan” which has made him famous with in time and he has never looked back after that.

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